Good To-Go meals are handcrafted in our own Maine-based USDA certified facility. We source the highest quality ingredients, prepare our meals in small batches, and dehydrate. Sounds simple—because it is.

Dehydration is the oldest form of food preservation. It requires far less energy than the freeze-drying process, too. The dehydration process is a combination of heat, blown air and humidity control. The result is a product reduced in size, weight and water activity.

We don't believe food should last 30 years, so you'll find that most Good To-Go meals have a five year shelf life. We choose to not use preservatives, and we keep the sodium as low as possible, while retaining the flavor that our foodies have come to expect.

Each of Chef Jen's recipes are thoughtfully prepared to provide you with the energy you need, be it a summit push, or a road trip with the kids. We keep the calories and protein high, and include other ingredients that are known to reduce inflammation and support a healthy immune system.

Every Good To-Go meal is gluten-free, and we offer meals to suit most diets. Vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians, we've got you covered! Our website offers filtering options that allow you to shop and avoid specific allergens as well.

While all of this makes for a convenient and nutritious meal, what Good To-Go is most known for is our wide range of flavorful, cultural, and down-right delicious meals. If your expectations of camp food are based on salt piles and astronaut food, then you're in for a treat.

We're equally as passionate about the outdoors as we are about food. We can't think of anything more fulfilling than a delicious, handmade meal at the end of a long day spent outdoors. We hope you agree, and thank you for choosing Good To-Go for your own adventures!

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