New England Corn Chowdah

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  • New England Corn Chowdah
  • New England Corn Chowdah
  • New England Corn Chowdah
  • New England Corn Chowdah
  • New England Corn Chowdah

New England Corn Chowdah

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Our take on a New England classic. But don’t call it a soup. This rich stew is loaded with corn, potato and onion. For fish, we chose bonito flake for its smoky and umami flavors. Now you can enjoy this comforting, regional dish in any corner of the world.

  • Bonito flakes add a healthy dose of protein
  • Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamins A and C, as well as beta-carotene
  • Whole milk, because fat is not only a great source of energy, but also aids with the absorption of vitamins
  • Gluten-free
  • Pescatarian
  • 2-year shelf life
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4.36 Average

11 Reviews

Jerome Richard

The NE Corn Chowdah was very good for taste and plenty of calories. I discovered this meal on the Long Trail and bought some more for my next thru hike this year.

Julianna Meneely

We have only used the Fish corn chowder so far. We both enjoyed it very much! It had the sweetness of the corn with the added bonus of fish for protein.

Ryan Butler

A refreshing change of pace and I don't even like corn.

Albert Yurgal

Extremely tasty. Hit the spot after a long day of hiking.

Roy Marlow

A light and pleasant surprise to the taste buds!

Cindy Williams

Bill Wood

just one word.... Yummy!


We expected a traditional corn chowder - but this was an upgrade! We liked the combination of vegetables and the slightly smoky flavor.

New England Corn Chowdah 

INGREDIENTS: (notice how many you can pronounce!) Dried Sweet Corn, Dried Sweet Potatoes, Whole Milk Powder (Dried Grade A Milk), Dried Potato Flakes, Dried Carrots, Dried Bonito (Fish), Dried Shallots, Dried Leeks, Sea Salt, Dried Parsley, Black Pepper

CONTAINS: Milk, Fish


New England Corn Chowdah

X  Tear pouch open and REMOVE oxygen absorber.
X  SINGLE SERVING Add a little less than one cup (350ML) of BOILING (yes, boiling) water to bag.
X  DOUBLE SERVING Add a little less than two cups (700ML) of BOILING (yes, boiling) water to bag.
X  STIR and reseal. HANG OUT for 15 minutes. Think about how big the universe is.
X  Rehydration will take LONGER at higher altitudes.