Thai Curry

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Thai Curry

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Spicy yellow coconut curry with vegetables and jasmine rice

This spicy yellow coconut curry was our first meal to win the Backpacker Magazine Editors' Choice Award in 2014 and it’s still a favorite among Good To-Go loyalists.

  • Loaded with broccoli, cauliflower, peas and green beans
  • Thai chiles give this dish the right amount of heat and provide immunity benefits
  • Coconut milk, lemongrass and tamarind contribute to the unique flavors
  • Fragrant jasmine rice completes the true Thai experience
  • Gluten-free
  • Pescatarian
  • 5-year shelf life
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4.93 Average

14 Reviews


Thai curry is amazingly delicious and filling. One of my favorites.

Tina Czaplinska

MY favorite flavor! Fuel that warms you up and tastes oh so good!

George Ehrgott

The Thai Curry was the first Good To-Go dinner I made while backpacking and the reason I came back for more. Great flavors and ingredients.

Rogil Schroeter

Probably my favorite flavor. And spicy.

Joanie Fauci

This was my favorite meal on the JMT last year!

Charles Foehl

Very tasty

Eleanor Kane

Really good and loaded with veggies!

emily froberg

Margaret Lyford


Timothy Frank

Loved the flavor, texture and heat of this dish.

Rogil Schroeter

great and spicy


This is one of my trail favorites with really good flavor.

Christine Hanley


My favorite go to hiking food

Thai Curry

INGREDIENTS:(notice how many you can pronounce!)
Green Beans, Jasmine Rice, Onion, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Peas, Coconut Milk Powder (Freshly Pressed Coconut Milk, Maltodextrin (from corn), Sodium Caseinate), Fish Sauce (Water, Anchovy Extract, Salt, Sugar), Garlic, Grape Seed Oil, Lemongrass, Dark Brown Sugar, Tamarind Concentrate (Tamarind, Water), Ginger, Turmeric Powder, Coriander, Cumin, Cinnamon, Dried Thai Chilies, Cardamom, Yellow Mustard Seeds, Black Peppercorns, Fennel Seeds, Cloves, Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder, Bay Leaf

CONTAINS: Fish, Coconut, Milk  

Thai Curry Directions

X  Tear pouch open and REMOVE oxygen absorber and coconut milk powder pouch.
X  Tear open and ADD the coconut milk powder to the contents of the bag.
X  SINGLE SERVING Add one and a quarter cups (300ML) of BOILING (yes, boiling) water to bag. 
X  DOUBLE SERVING Add two and a half cups (600ML) of BOILING (yes, boiling) water to bag.
X  STIR and reseal. HANG OUT for 20 minutes. Think about how big the universe is. 
X  Rehydration will take LONGER at higher altitudes.