Ocean To Ocean

Ocean To Ocean

An epic trip from the Pacific to the Arctic Ocean

Good To-Go is proud to partner with WeGotNext, an organization that is making strides in removing barriers to the outdoors and increasing its accessibility to all communities. WeGotNext is a non-profit organization whose mission is to amplify stories of adventure and activism from communities that have been underrepresented in outdoor and environmental spaces. Each of their ambassadors has their own mission and objective.

Niki at Lake Tahoe with Skis

Through this partnership, we are fortunate to work with Niki Choo, a badass athlete (and dog mom). Niki is going through her final preparations before setting off on an epic journey spanning from the Pacific to the Arctic Ocean. To start, Niki, her partner Jared, and dog Benson, will ski tour 170 miles from Haines, Alaska to Kluane Lake, where they will then transition to a canoe. From there, they will paddle eight rivers, crossing the continental divide, until they reach the Arctic Ocean. In total, their route will cover approximately 1,000 miles. Much of their fuel (aka food) is provided by… you guessed it, Good To-Go!

In the final days before Niki left her home base in South Lake Tahoe, we caught up with her for a quick Q and A session. Here’s what she had to say:

We asked Niki, “What was the inspiration for this trip?”

Niki answered, “I want to represent diversity in the outdoors and help young people learn that if you can dream it, you can do it. And not only dreaming it and doing it, but inspiring little brown and black kids because they may not have traditional role models doing these types of things. Ultimately, I want to show people that everyone belongs in the outdoors, and it should be everyone’s basic human right to access all outdoor spaces.”

“What challenges do you expect to face along the way?”

“We’re basically paddling from Haines, Alaska to the Arctic Circle. No one we know has ever done this route before and there are some tricky bits. First one, is that we must cross the continental divide and go upstream for a certain portion of it in order to get into the Peel watershed that flows into the Arctic.”

“Why are you choosing Good To-Go to help fuel this adventure?”

“I am so pumped to be working with GTG because of exactly all that I want to represent in the world. GTG believes in ethical and sustainable sourcing, and I think as a steward of the earth this is really important to me. I like the fact that having really tasty meals makes being in the outdoors more enjoyable. I think what goes into your body is really important, not only because it fuels you, but also because it can enhance your own health and wellbeing as well as the planet’s.”

In total, Niki, Jared and their dog, Benson, will be off the grid for nearly 3 months, completing a trip that no other has ever completed before. Together they are setting the tone for future generations and pushing the limits of what is possible.

Check out this overview of their upcoming journey.

Visit WeGotNext to see more of the amazing people they work with.

Niki eating Good To-Go

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