The Last Tepui

The Last Tepui

Alex Honnold, Mark Synnott and Bruce Means allow us to satisfy our childhood dreams of becoming an explorer in their new film, Explorer: The Last Tepui (streaming on Disney+). Renan Ozturk and Taylor Rees captured their journey to the Amazon’s tepui mountains. Bruce, a well-published herpetologist, has compared the hidden potential and biodiversity of this land to that of the Galapagos. For an expedition of this scale, Renan specifically requested Good To-Go be the one to fuel it.

The mission: Navigate deep into the grueling jungle terrain, then attempt a 1000-foot first ascent climb to the top of an “island in the sky” known as a tepui, to identify new animal species and prove this region is a hidden treasure. As a result, the group hopes to provide protection for a land that holds vast amounts of desirable resources, the reason it is in danger of falling victim to logging and mining. The execution of this objective is wildly complex. In fact, Alex mentioned that “This type of first accent climbing scares me more than a free solo.” Getting Bruce—a man in his late 70’s—up a massive sheer cliff wall that has never been climbed, is just one piece of the puzzle. Watch the film to see their epic journey through the treacherous Amazon jungle.

Good To-Go meals have enabled so much exploration and storytelling on our highest stakes National Geographic stories over the years. From Everest to the Amazon tepuis, and even some of the most memorable family adventures, the combo of clean ingredients with no preservatives has kept us psyched and fueled for adventure!” - Renan Ozturk

Good To-Go meals were a foundational component on this National Geographic project, as well as others before it. Previously GTG has provided support for Renan, Mark and Thom Pollard on their 2020 expedition, Lost on Everest. In 2017, we outfitted Alex Honnold, Conrad Anker, and others for The North Face Antarctic Expedition.

As a small company, it is an honor to provide meals for top athletes, filmmakers and explorers that not only help them get through the day but assist them in pushing the limits of what is humanly possible. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to support those making a big impact.

We hope that by sharing this message, we too can help in raising awareness of the need to protect the Tepui mountains.

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