Good To-Go's Stove-Free™ meals are truly a game-changer. All you need is cool water to enjoy a delicious meal created by an award-winning chef, in the backcountry, on the road, or wherever life takes you. Ready in minutes, no stove or hot water required!

Our Stove-Free™ meals are here to simplify eating on the go for anyone, anywhere.

The convenience and simplicity of having to add just cool water, without the need for a stove and fuel (or other method of boiling water), can't be overstated.

Which is why we're proud to offer a full line of just such meals—that take only 10 minutes or less to prepare.

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Good To-Go's Stove-Free™ meals were inspired by the ingenuity of thru hikers "cold-soaking" their backpacking meals to save on pack weight, by eliminating the need for a stove and fuel. But there were many drawbacks to this method, such as hours-long rehydration times and subpar texture. 

Just like cold-soaking, you only need to add cool water to rehydrate a Good To-Go Stove-Free™ meal. But the similarities end there, as we’ve improved upon and perfected every aspect of this method, bringing the convenience it offers without sacrificing quality.

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