100 Mile Wild - Pre Trip Report

100 Mile Wild - Pre Trip Report

Maine is home to the most remote section of the Appalachian Trail—the 100 Mile Wilderness. The name alone conjures thoughts of adventure in dangerous, rugged backcountry. While there is a network of huts and lean-tos established along the route, seldom is it traveled in the winter months, and for good reason. Even rarer are accounts of the trail being completed during the winter season.

Here is where our adventure on the 100 Mile Wilderness Appalachian Trail begins.

Beginning Friday, February 23, and for the next 10-12 days, a team of three Maine-based adventurers are set to embark on what they believe will be the first known, documented winter traverse of the 100 Mile Wilderness Appalachian Trail. This famed section of the world’s longest hiking trail is steeped in history and controversy, and yet, beta on its winter travel is scant at best. The team will have to rely on experience, grit and determination (ok, and a bit of whiskey) to battle the elements and complete their objective.




David Koorits, Co-Founder of Good To-Go | A rare breed, he enjoys pushing himself to the limits. From Ironman races, to fighting forest fires, to saving lives at the local ER, David seems to be right at home when others would prefer to tap out. When David first started Good To-Go with his wife and co-founder, Jennifer Scism, he did so in part to his love for the outdoors. Owning a startup comes with its share of sacrifice however, so many adventurous aspirations had to be put on hold. “This trip provides an opportunity to do something truly wild, something that, as far as we know, has yet to be done—right here in my own backyard” explains Koorits.

Brian Threlkeld, Adventure Photographer | The man with the vision for this project. Brian has an intrinsic ability to capture the beauty of the suffer-fest, telling his side of the story from behind the lens. If you ever find yourself breaking trail in Northern Maine, for upwards of 100 miles, in the dead of winter, this is the guy you want documenting the account.

Greg Bell, Rock and Ice Climber | When he’s not managing operations for a fish hatchery, Greg can often be found exploring the most challenging alpine the state of Maine has to offer. With 20+ winter trips into Baxter State park under his belt, Greg’s reputation precedes him. This experience will play an integral role on this project.


Good To-Go is proudly supporting this trip with help from other brands such as Osprey Packs, Smartwool and Big Agnes. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Outdoor Sport Institute have also generously offered their support of the endeavor.

A big shout out to Brian Threlkeld for making this all possible. Brian creates expedition-based content for some of the outdoor industries' top brands. His work is both authentic and purposeful, as advocacy for public lands and environmental protection is at the core of every project.

It is our goal to not only share this unique story, but to engage and promote future generations to explore the outdoors, be it winter or summer. Adventure can be found wherever you are. Often, you need look no further than your own backyard.  If you are planning an adventure of your own, be sure to check out Good To-Go's dehydrated backpacking meals for easy camping meals on the go, or try our new microwaveable meal cups for instant delicious meals wherever your adventure takes you!


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