For every two meals purchased online, we'll donate one to emergency relief efforts in Puerto Rico. 

Food is a basic need. More than just an essential need for our survival, food is comfort. It has deep connections to community, family and culture.

We’ve all seen the headlines made by the 2017 hurricane season. Those same stories have all but disappeared from the daily news. Today, many have begun to turn their attention toward the holiday season—Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and so on.

However, for families in Puerto Rico, their crisis is far from over. For those affected, enduring the longest blackout in American history, over one thousand miles away from the US mainland, basic needs are more important than ever.

Three years ago, Good To-Go set out to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a healthy, better tasting alternative to the standard fare. While that is still our primary objective, this holiday season, we realized that we can #DoBetter.

In the wake of these natural disasters, something unexpected began to take shape. People began placing orders with us, some large, some small, and shipping directly to the communities hardest hit. These selfless acts made us ask the question, “What can we do?” We realized that we have a product that can make a real difference, one that could truly help sustain and improve lives.

So, from now until the end of 2017, for every two meals purchased on our website, Good To-Go will donate one meal to aid the ongoing hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico. If you order two meals, we’ll donate one. Order 20 meals, we’ll donate 10. You’ll still receive the meals you purchase. It’s that simple.

We’ve carefully selected the non-profit charity ISER Caribe to receive the donated meals, ensuring that 100% of your donation ends up in the hands of those who truly need them. At the end of the campaign, Good To-Go will ship the meals to ISER Caribe, who will then handle the delivery and distribution.

This situation needs our attention. This year, give a gift that really matters. Together we can make a difference. Together we can #DoBetter.


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