Sold Out?! Please read...

Sold Out?! Please read...

As unpredictable as things are in everyone’s lives, the same has been for our small, family-run dehydrated food company. But we’re all in this together, right? So, with that spirit in mind, we’d like to offer a window into the unique challenges Good To-Go has faced.

Shortly after the pandemic first reached the US, sometime in March, we watched with our jaws on the floor as sales increased by more than 1,000%, literally overnight. Sounds great, right? Well, to put it bluntly, we’re simply not set up for such demand outside of our busy season. Almost as soon as that occurred, nearly every one of our retail partners shuttered their doors for a period of time. We’re officially in uncharted waters.

As outdoor retailers have since re-opened nationwide, we have experienced a delayed and sudden surge of demand that continues to challenge us. Online ordering has rapidly become the shopping method of choice for many, and we’re giving it our all to accommodate this increase as well. Throw in a record number of people pursuing outdoor activities for the first time, increased demand for emergency preparedness, etc, and you’re looking at the perfect storm we find ourselves in.

Back to the point. You may have noticed the “sold out” message that appears when you select nearly any of our meals. Be assured, this is only temporary. Please check back over the coming days and weeks as we cook tirelessly to build up our stock levels.

In the meantime, please click the EXPLORE dropdown found at the top of our website, where you will find a SHOP LOCALLY option (or click here). Enter your zip, select a comfortable range, and you’ll find a list of retailers in your area that carry Good To-Go meals. Currently, over 700 locations in the US carry our products, so odds are good that you will find what you’re looking for! And not only that, but it feels damn good to shop at an independently owned business in your community. If you STILL can’t find us at your favorite retailer, fear not—click here for our Amazon store (products are eligible for Prime shipping).

From everyone here at Good To-Go, thank you for your support, your understanding, and above all, we wish you and yours good health and adventure this summer.

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Rich Perlman

Rich Perlman

I bought your Thai Curry meal as a way to qualify for free shipping on an REI order about 6 months ago. A friend of mine raves about your trail meals, so I figured I’d spend a couple of extra dollars instead of paying for shipping. I do usually make my own “freezer bag” dinners, but I do love Maine and figured I’d pay it forward.

Last night, I was backpacking on the AT with boys from my scout troop and broke out my Thai Curry dinner.

OMG. I was blown away. I’ve eaten many backpacking meals, either homemade, or dehydrated/freeze dried in my 50 years of backpacking from all of the major players, but the Good To Go Thai Curry was absolutely the best I have ever had.

I like spicy food, so I always carry extra hot sauce and cayenne, but your recipe had just the right amount of heat that I ate it untouched.

To be honest, I did add a 3 ounce pack of chicken for the added protein, but it did not really need it. The dried coconut milk is a game changer!

Kudos on a superlative product.

Godspeed on your bright future.

I do have a Mushroom Risotto on deck for my next trip, if I can hold off eating at home!

All the best,

Rich Perlman
Troop 154
Golden’s Bridge, NY.

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